Forthcoming Workshops

Over the years we have had the great pleasure in delivering workshops to 100’s of Business Owners around the UK sharing knowledge and showing them how to get to grips with the basics of the CRM, right through to the deeper levels of what is possible.

In 2020, the workshops had to change direction due to how the world had to evolve to the changes brought upon us. A workshop in person was no longer possible. So we shifted to delivering the workshops via Zoom, we debated online training videos with quizzes, tutorials and guides, but we, well, we prefer what we preach, the human contact and delivering live workshops.

Human interaction is the very fibre that brings people together to develop relationships, friendships and most importantly… trust. It is how we treat our clients in our varied services, so serving our growing CRM Community in any other way just doesn’t feel right.

Please don’t get me wrong, as our ideas expand on different areas we can help people we are running out of time to deliver the Zoom workshops, but we want to ensure you get the best value possible from what we have to offer, so we will look into the online training platforms because the level of interest is growing quite nicely.

But, even once the online training platforms are done, we still desire for that interaction with our members, so the Workshops via Zoom will always be a way forward for us. There is no better way to get to know your members than by talking to them.

If you want the head start of when the Workshops become available to book on then feel free to follow our Eventbrite page to get the advantage…