Free CRM??? – Refer, Refer, Refer

Would you like to help your Friends, Family, Colleagues, Team Members and help yourself?

Spread the awareness and education of this great tool and how it helps you!

Don’t just simply tell them what the Less Annoying CRM does, explain ‘why’ it helps you in your Personal Life and Business life (Multiple or single Business).

Start with ‘Why’ (great video below) :

  • Does it free your mind of clutter and how does that help you?
  • Does it help you to be more proactive and how does that help you?
  • Does it free up 1 hour per month of your time being more organised and how does that help you? How much is YOUR time worth?
  • I have heard somewhere that referrals are a good thing??

What’s in it for them?

They get a 60 Days Free Trial

What’s in it for you?

Well, apart from a more organised, efficient and proactive Friends, Family, Colleagues and/or Team Member, you also get a free month credited to your Less Annoying CRM account!!

Ok great, how????

Your Referral link is always accessible by clicking the “Refer” button (or look for the ‘Gift’ looking icon) in YOUR Less Annoying CRM.

Simply copy the link and send it to the person who is interested in taking a look.
Click the picture to take you straight to YOUR referral link…