Utilities – CRM

The Less Annoying CRM is a great, off the shelf tool. But what we like the most about it is that it is not overwhelming and information overload when you first log in. There is nothing more overwhelming than a slew of options, settings and usage choices.

“Less Annoying”

Less Annoying CRM is exactly as the company name suggest, “Less Annoying”, but the part missing from their company title is “highly powerful”. The Less Annoying CRM is incredibly customisable and flexible in what it can do.

Over the years we have been working closely with Professionals from the Utilities Sector and a Unique Utilities Customisation of the CRM has been created.

This section is a Support site dedicated to them who have really harnessed the power and flexibility of the Less Annoying CRM and has grown in to a helpful resource for the Members of the Utilities Community.