Bill Reviews

6 Month, Annual or at time of Fixed Rate Renewal

This is a great time to make contact with your Customer to double check and ensure that they are happy with the service, all is ok and reassure them that if there are any issues you’d like to know about it so as you can resolve it.

Things I would suggest to look for and discuss are:

1 – The UW App and the UW Website

Ensure they have the UW App on their Mobile phone and Tablet for easy access as well as the UW Websites and easy shortcuts to access it. This will make their Online Shopping easier to access and more chance of them earning CashBack. Better for them, and remember, YOU get paid a % Commission on how much CashBack THEY earn. So, if you are unsure how to teach this, please learn this for yourself and then share the Knowledge.

2 – Energy

See if the Smart Readings are on the Customers Bill, not just stated on the clubhouse website under the Energy section. If the Smart Readings are on there then ensure their Energy Usage vs Payments are not wildly out. Factor in time of year, for example, don’t panic if it is around February time and there is a deficit on the account, the summer months will balance it out. On the flip side, if it is around October and there is a large credit on there don’t panic, because the winter months will balance it out. If in doubt, ask Partner Services to check.

3 – Mobile Phone

See if the Tariff they are on suits their usage which can be checked under “Usage History” on the Mobile section of their Clubhouse. Ensure, or try to assist the customer to know how to use the Online Shopping from their Mobile via their Clubhouse Website. If you don’t know then please take the time to learn and share the knowledge. Your Customers will appreciate it.

4 – Landline & Broadband

Ensure the WiFi is ok for them. Is the Broadband Speed ok for them. If on Standard, to save the pennies, then be aware that Streaming services such as Netflix etc, may start developing buffering/quality issues as the Content streamed is becoming Higher Definition/Quality and the Standard Broadband may no longer be fast enough. Imagine watching a High Definition Film on Dial Up!

If they use their Landline for outgoing calls then look to see if they are better suited to have the “Off-Peak” or “Peak Saver” added to their UW account, or possibly removed. They may wish to remove these packages if they are now using their Mobile Phone for outgoing calls and top paying twice for their calling options.
Does the Client need a Calling package?

If the Client is making regular outgoing calls and which is in excess of the costs of the Calling Packages, then it is wise to add a calling package a calling package accordingly.

Factor in the Day and Time of the call . For example, are those calls Weekday or Weekend (Peak or Off Peak)

5 – CashBack Card

Ensure they are using it, some people slip off the Habit of using it and need a reminder of the benefits of it. Ensure they know how to top it up and the different options for simplicity. If they never took the CashBack Card initially due to information overwhelm, maybe now is a good time?

6 – House Insurance & Boiler & Home Cover

Obtain the Renewal date or help them get a quote from UW, you both may be pleasantly surprised. Let them know these services are available.

7 – LED Bulbs

Any blown and need to be replaced? Make the call to the customer services team in front of the customer to expose them to how easy it is and how obliging NHQ are to send out the replacements. It’s not too good to be true, it’s just good that it’s true.

8 – Boiler Replacement Scheme

Let them know this is an option, maybe leave them with a Fridge Magnet?

9 – Referrals

How many people don’t give you a referral at sign up because they want to try it first? But then we forget to follow up with them? “Who else do you know who would benefit from what I do?” (Credit to Renata Green for such a simple, yet effective line).

10 – Business Opportunity

Remind them that there is a Business/Income/Growth Opportunity with you. Update them on the Income and/or any changes to the income plan since the last time you spoke. “Who do they know who’d be open to have a look?”. Maybe show them a UW story which relates to their work or could resonate with them.

“Mine the Gold you hold!” – AH