CRM Usage Top Tip – Home Mover Process

It’s always good to gain a new Client when your existing Client moves home.

But how can we do that due to GDPR?

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! = The Less Annoying CRM is 100% GDPR Compliant and this only works IF your LACRM is up to date with the Client information who used to live at their address. This way you will have the full postal addresses, therefore it is essential to Work Your LACRM!!!!

Always check your “Latest Changes” on your company information as a part of your Daily Method of Operation (DMO).

1st Stage

Look after your current client!
If you see a “Home Move” taking place then that is your cue to take action to contact the person moving out to ensure all is ok, offer assistance if appropriate and ask them “Alex, would it be ok to know your new address please so as I can update my records and ensure I am looking after you like I should?”. If you have a good relationship with them, are they going to say no?

  1. Update the address you hold in your CRM for Alex Daly.
  2. DO NOT delete and discard the old address of where Alex Daly moved out from. Instead, copy and paste it in to the History section (scroll down on their Contact records in your CRM).
  3. You will need that address for the 2nd Stage.

2nd Stage

Attempt to connect with the new Client

  1. Create a “New Contact” and name it either “New Owner or Occupier” or the newly appearing name (Mrs S Bloggs in our example)
  2. Enter the address (you will know this from Stage 1 above)
  3. Assign your Pipelines according – yes, all of them (Essential for the ‘Mining’).
  4. Set yourself a Task to send a Welcome letter to the new incoming Member “Mrs S Bloggs”.
  5. Post or hand deliver a Welcome Letter, Christmas Card, Welcome Pack or whatever you desire but be sure to include your contact details and encourage them to get in touch if you don’t get to speak to them

If you missed Stage 1 and you see “New Owner or Occupier” or newly named person (Mrs S Bloggs for example) on your company information page, under “Latest Changes” and a Post Code you recognise, you can perform a search of your LACRM for that Post Code to find the full address

2 customers for the price of 1 just by being Organised and ‘Working your LACRM’

Your CRM works, IF you work it, so “Mine the ‘Gold’, you hold” – AH