CRM Usage Top Tip – Managing Couples

Managing Couples and how to enter them into your Less Annoying CRM.

There are 2 differing ways to store “Couples” in your CRM.

This depends upon your relationships with the persons involved.

Scenario 1

You know, and communicate with both persons frequently

If you know both people well and IF it is likely that you would communicate with Both persons individually, via Mobile number for example, or highly likely wish them Happy Birthday then have both Contacts in your CRM.

Add them as two separate contacts and then link them using the “Relationship” under “Attach an Item”,  the different surnames is then not a factor at all because you have linked them.

BUT,  you only need to attach the Pipelines (Client (Potential & Existing), Electricity, Gas, Phone Line, Broadband and Mobile Provider) to the Person who deals with the Utilities. VERY rarely do we ever come across a Partnership where dealing with the Utilities is a completely 50/50 split. In my experience, there is always 1 person who deals with the Utilities slightly more than the other. Even just the tiniest bit more than the other.

Scenario 2

You only know, and communicate with Alex (UWC) Daly

IF you only have contact/rapport/connection with the “main Person” who deals with the bills such as “Alex (UWC) Daly” for example and you have ZERO contact/rapport/connection with his Wife George Daly, then there is no point in adding George Daly as a second contact and cluttering up your CRM with unnecessary information. So simply leave a note in the “Background Info” such as:

“Spouse = George (Uses the UW Sim) (DOB 11th November 1985)” (See below)

The only downside to this is that we don’t get any notifications/insights/reminders as to when George Daly’s birthday is. Set a Task for this to remind you accordingly.