Email Logging

One of the many amazing features of the Less Annoying CRM is tracking emails you have sent back and forth with a Contact.

How many times have you had to trawl through your Inbox, or Sent items or guessing which folder you may have moved the important email to?

Email logging means you can simply go to the contact in your CRM, then scroll through the ‘History’ of that contact to see all of the emails, and other interactions you have noted (either manually or automatically).

Want an easier life?

Click the following link or go to “Settings” = “Log Emails in the CRM”

Or follow the instructions below…

Step 01 & Step 02 – Go onto “Settings” in column one and then onto “Emails Setting” in columns two.

Step 03 – Write down or ‘Copy’ to your ‘clipboard’ your unique “Email Logging Address”

Step 04 – Make sure the email address you want to use is in the “Primary” email option box