Neighbour Letters

Neighbour Letter (NL) Tracking in the Less Annoying CRM.

This IS a work in progress because of the many variables involved with NL’s. I DO NOT profess to be a NL Guru in the slightest, I haven’t even started them nor do them. BUT I have been a keen person to help people Master Technology to be their Slave to dramatically accelerate building their UW business and income.

We are looking for users willing test this to set it up, use it and see how they get on with using the LACRM to help you track and organise your NL’s for the future. Remember, setting ‘Tasks’ to follow up and actually follow up when you said you would is incredibly important. Always remember…

“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”.

Feedback IS wanted – both the Positive of what is working and the constructive so as we can make this better for everyone.
This has been a collective effort by numerous people – thank you to everyone involved and willing to get involved.

1 Team, 1 Digital Dream.

Click the following link or go to Settings = Pipelines = “Create a new pipeline” = Create the pipeline from Scratch

“Neighbour Letters”

  1. Letter dropped
  2. Not In 1st Time
  3. Not In 2nd Time
  4. Not In 3rd Time
  5. Appointment scheduled
  6. Follow up required
  7. No for now (yes for later)
  8. Already Customer (Ensure it is a Closed Status)
  9. Customer Sign Up! (Ensure it is a Closed Status)
  10. No Cold Calling (Ensure it is a Closed Status)
  11. Not Interested (Ensure it is a Closed Status)
  12. Partner Signed Up! (Ensure it is a Closed Status)

Any and all feedback is a HUGE help and wanted.
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