Saving the ‘Customer Order’

Save the Customer Order you have been emailed!
There is a way of attaching the customer order email to the contact in your LACRM.
This tutorial will explain how.

We have just signed up a new customer called Ms Ann Way for this example:
01 – Using Google Chrome open the email of your “Utility Warehouse Customer Order – Ms Ann Way (1234567)”

02 – Once there you will see 3 vertical small dots (generally in the top right corner of most devices)

03 – Select “Print” and await the Print Dialogue box to open up.

04 – Change ‘Destination’ to “Save as PDF”

05 – Click ‘Save’

06 – Choose the location on your device to save the document.

07 – TOP TIP – save the PDF in the following format = YYYY-MM-DD – UW Order – Mr Joe Bloggs (1234567)

08 – Go back to Joe Bloggs Contact Card in your LACRM

09 – Look for “File” down the left hand side (it has a Paperclip for it’s icon).

10 – On the next box then browse for your saved PDF called YYYY-MM-DD – Utility Warehouse Customer Order – Mr Joe Bloggs (1234567)

11 – The PDF file is then uploaded to that Contact Card for safe keeping and reference in case you need it