The “Legends”

Let’s get legendary!!

Imagine you’re getting a call from a “Steve Smith” saved in your phone book. How do you answer it?

Is it Steve Smith your Potential Customer? Or Steve Smith the Potential Partner?

Or is it Steve Smith the recent customer sign up?
Or is it Steve Smith your Uncle phoning for a catchup? 

What if you had a head start and you knew which Steve Smith it is? 

Would you answer the phone in a particular manner to the relationship/circumstances?

(POSS-C) = Possible Customer (Residential or Business)
(POSS-P) = Possible Partner
(UWC) = UW Customer (Personal & looked after by you)

Some people don’t commit to continue to be a Partner with this company and that means some Members have no Partner”

(UWP) = UW Partners (Fellow Partner within the Business – Not your Team Member(s))
(UWSSP) = UW Sharon Sanders Partners (Use your initials because this is YOUR Team Member)

Please change the last 2 examples to your own initials!

These are to be typed in the “Middle Name” field in the name’.

They will ALSO make your life so much easier if you need to search your LACRM or Phone Contacts when Synchronising if you need to find all of your Existing UW Customers.

Why the Change from the old way of after the Surname???

Prefix is for Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Rev, Dr etc

Middle name is now for “The Legends “Suffix for those rare MBE, MD, OBE etc we may come across
My HUGE apologies for the move around BUT we all need to be duplicatable and some of us (hopefully all of us one day) will be using the CRM for email campaigns to keep in touch with their customers, partners etc.
Mail Chimp can be used with the Less Annoying CRM and uses “Meta Tags” (which is a fancy IT jargon for, a gizmo to grab “Certain Fields”) such as Prefix,

First Name, Middle name, Surname & Suffix (for example).
This is how all of the big companies do emails and they always look personalised to us.
If we carry on with…
Prefix = 

First Name =         Surname             = Suffix

Dr = Alex = Daly (UWC) (POSS-P) = MBE
The email will be addressed as…

“Dear Dr Alex Daly (UWC) (POSS-P) MBE”

Doesn’t look great.

If we have
Prefix = First name =  Middle Name =        Surname             = Suffix

Dr = Alex = (UWC) (POSS-P) = Daly = MBE
Then selected the “Meta Tags” of Prefix, First Name, Surname & Suffix
The email will be addressed as…
“Dear Dr Alex Daly MBE…”
Because it was NOT told to get the Middle Name and look so much better.

Thank you to someone recently who reminded me about this overdue change I noticed a few months ago. My apologies to everyone I became distracted and didn’t address this sooner.