WAM Process

WAM (“Win A Mint”) & Less Annoying CRM Process!!!!

After your WAM has finished the “Brain Dumping” stage should be as soon as possible in order to capture as much of your knowledge and information as possible. You will likely find that you will recall more information about each person you spoke to as your memory recall is fresher the earlier you do this process.

Step 01
Scan the WAM form and save it as a file somewhere on your computer. I’d suggest that you create a ‘Folder’ somewhere called “WAM Forms”. Ideally a saved folder within Google Backup & Sync for safety.(File naming advise would be “YYYY-MM-DD – SURNAME, FIRSTNAME)

Step 02
Go through each WAM Form in turn and create the new contact in your Less Annoying CRM and enter as much information about them as possible. If you asked them questions whilst on the WAM you may now know quite a lot about them.

Who currently provides them with their energy, their telephony?

Do they have a mobile, if yes, who is it with?

You may have also noted the kids’ names, or the dog, or a possible desired holiday destination, possible pain points or desires.

Hopefully you noted all of this on the back of the WAM form for later use.

Step 03
Once you have created the new contact you can then add the individual “Pipelines” to the contact.

Step 04
Whilst on that Contact use the “File” link to upload their WAM Form to the Contact Card for an extra layer of safe keeping and good organisation.

On the left hand column of the page there is an option to add a file (it sits just above the address details).

Click on the link, select where the file is located on your computer and click on open and it will be added to your contact details.

Step 05
Take Action!!!!!

Call the prospect if you promised.

Send a text message saying it was nice to meet them.

Connect with them on Social Media and be POLITE, please don’t ram your offering down their newsfeed.

Step 06
Destroy the WAM form and be completely compliant with GDPR (you have 2 copies – 1 on your PC and 1 on the Less Annoying CRM) and have less clutter in your way.
Work your Less Annoying CRM.
The Less Annoying CRM works, if you work IT!!