Who & Why?

The site is around 99% complete now (we dare say we will always be looking to improve it), hopefully all of this will make life a lot easier and better for us all.

Feedback is really appreciated wanted and desired, both constructive and positive feedback is always appreciated.
We sincerely hope it helps you all like it has for myself and many others we know. We’re just glad to finally get it centralised, organised and hopefully working ok.

Our apologies for the potentially excessive “Donate” buttons but they are a great way to break up the pages and we can not and will not request any payments/contributions for my efforts.

Please know that we have ZERO desire to profit from any of you. That is not our mission statement nor will it ever be. We do this because we have received life changing help and support from the Valued Friends, although we can never repay those who ever helped us, we can pass on help and support to others.

This project is also something we have a lot of passion, time and most importantly, “Belief” in it’s helpfulness and importance.

With that said, if anyone would like to contribute towards the website, the materials, our time and efforts we put in to this project then they will be gratefully received. We don’t want to make this a membership only website and want it available to as many people as possible and any donations will aid in this process.

You should all already be a part of the CRM Training & Support Facebook Page, here is the link in case you aren’t:
CRM Training & Support Facebook Group

Any and all contributions are sincerely appreciated and welcomed to keep this website and the ongoing support and help there for us all.
Thank you in advance to anyone who donates.