Contact Relation Manager (CRM)

“Make It Happen Consultancy” focus on helping small businesses with a simple, yet highly customisable CRM system to meet your Organisational needs in the busy, demanding, world around you.

Thousands of small businesses use Less Annoying CRM to manage contacts, track leads, and stay on top of follow-ups.

“It’s like having your own virtual assistant”

If you’re the kind of person who feels a little bit (or very) disorganised and want an easier way to solve that then take a look.

It stores all the information of your contacts in life and where you’re up to if they’re a prospect of yours, or a friend who you have made plans with, or the next Dentist appointment (for example, there are so many more).
It gives you the facility to plan ahead in life and be organised so as you can enjoy life a lot more, by resting easy knowing you’ve got it all in hand.

A simple CRM built just for small businesses and individuals.

Since 2017 we have delivered many Workshops, training 100’s of Business owners how to get away from scraps of paper, and disorganised systems and in to a more streamlined and organised Business & Personal life. Learn more here.